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Subject New CSMPRO Version 6.2 Released Date 24 OCT 2022
We are pleased to inform you that the new CSMPRO has been released with a new feature: NF Projection.

See below for some highlights of the update.

・RO modeling was updated by using water flow velocity and ion diffusion rate through the membrane.
・NF system computing was also redesigned by using a composit modeling method of Diffusion, Convection and Donnan effect
over the membrane suface.
・Individual case under each project can now be assigned and managed by the name.
・By using Case Management, individual case can be relocated, and results from batch calculation of multiple cases can now be combined into a PDF file.
・Permeate and concentrate water qualities, which are computed on the result scan screen, can be saved into a water profile for easier access.
・Trivial bugs have been fixed.

CSMPRO v6.2 is available for download at from October 25, 2022.
The update to the latest version will occur automatically if your computer has CSMPRO v6.0 or later.

※ Please contact our representative in your area for any questions regarding the installation of the application or any issues with its operation.
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