Because there are many different applications for CSM RO elements, the user must clearly understand the basics of water treatment processes in order to properly use our products to yield the most effective RO system.
Here you will find a technical manual that outlines the basics of RO processes and different water treatment procedures.
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01Overview of Reverse Osmosis Membrane Application 04General Properties of CSM RO Membranes
02Theory of Reverse Osmosis Membrane 05Solute Rejection Properties of CSM RO Membranes
03Types of Reverse Osmosis Membrane
01Introduction 05Silica Scale Prevention
02Feed Water Analysis 06Colloidal Fouling Control
03Prevention of Scale Formation 07Biological Fouling Prevention
04Solubility Product Calculations 08Organic Fouling Prevention
01Introduction 07Double Pass System
02System Design Guidelines 08Number of Elements and Pressure Vessels for System         Design
03Batch vs. Continuous Process 09Important Parameters for System Design
04Single Pressure Vessel System 10Testing of System Designs for Unusual Applications
05Single Array System 11System Components
06Multi Array System
01Introduction 04Data Normalization
02Initial Start-up 05Control of Microorganism Growth in RO System
03Record Keeping for Maintenance
01Introduction 04Cleaning Procedure
02Timing for Cleaning 05Cleaning Chemicals
03Cleaning Tank and Other Equipments 06Disinfection
01Opening Pressure Vessel 03Closing Vessel
02Element Removal and Loading
01Introduction 05Cleaning Test for Heavily Fouled Elements
02Instrument Calibrations 06Analytical Methods for Heavily Fouled Elements
03Locating High Salt Passage (Low Salt Rejection) 07Causes of Element Failures and Corrective Measures
04Element Analysis
01Performance Warranty 10Conductivity of Ions
02Checklist Prior to Initial System Operation 11Specific Conductance of Sodium Chloride
03Reverse Osmosis Operation Log 12Ionization of Carbon Dioxide Solution as Function of pH at        25°C
04Conversion of Concentration Units of Ionic Species 13Osmotic Pressure of Sodium Chloride
05Standard Sea Water Composition 14Osmotic Pressure of Solutions
06Solubility Products of Sparingly Soluble Salts (at zero ionic         strength) 15CSM Performance Curves
07Conductivity of Acid Solutions 16Temperature Correction Factor (TCF)
08Conductivity of Alkali Solutions 17CSM Element Nomenclature
09Conductivity of Salt Solutions