Since its establishment in 1972 as Cheil Synthetics Inc., Toray Advanced Materials Korea has led the development of the domestic synthetic fiber industry. It has focused on developing value added fiber materials with the comprehensive production system which linked its polyester business and textile business while advancing to overseas markets and diversifying its businesses, helping Toray Advanced Materials Korea grow further.
Toray Advanced Materials Korea expanded its business horizon to environmental materials including the filter base on reverse osmosis membranes and also to package and industrial sheets building on polyester fiber technology. Recently, the high value-added electronic materials business was the focus with LCD diffuser plate and prism sheet based on polyester sheet technology. Building on all these achievements, Toray Advanced Materials Korea is now a comprehensive chemical and material company with fibers, textiles, filters and materials businesses.
A company trusted by customers and society and contributing to a prosperous life of people by focusing all resources and capabilities on developing technologies and products that customers want. This is what Toray Advanced Materials Korea aims at.
The first step to achieve this goal is to develop into a global chemical and material company, which enables us to provide services to more customers in a larger market. We will strengthen the existing businesses including polyester filaments, polyester staple fibers, textiles, filters and sheets. We will also expand our business into materials used for information technology, the environment and alternative energy while giving emphasis to becoming a global business. By doing so, we will lay a strong foundation for becoming a global chemical and material company beloved and trusted by people around the world.
Now, a new chapter of a prosperous future is opening with Toray Advanced Materials Korea.

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